144 Awesome Pick up Lines - The only list you need! If you want to keep the conversation flowing, check out some of our other awesome questions: Now that you’re equipped with plenty of would you rather questions, find a partner or group and use them! It doesn’t matter how long you have known each other, you will never know everything about your friends. For those of you, who don’t have a clue about what would you rather is, here is a small description. Don’t ask this question unless the relationship is getting serious. These things you are able to control, actually. ( Log Out /  Deep would you rather questions. I know which one I’d pick. Would you rather be able to hold or to see? Would you rather cheat on me for five hundred million dollars or drink my diarrhea? And she must perform on Broadway that night. Well, that depends. But when you have some questions for couples at hand, you can really get the conversation going. These questions to ask a girl are great because they help you two to relate to each other. Or ask birds to help you be able to fly? Either way, you should take her out for her preferred adventure. For “you” to “mind”, we have to imagine a world where I've “ask ed ”. Here are 6 ice breaker would you rather questions: They say that the lottery of life is something you win or lose, but what if you won the lotto? Would you rather lose love or fortune? Another question that touches on the relation between money and happiness. Would you rather punch his sister or punch his boyfriend? Would you rather eat me to survive or let me eat you to survive? Some are thought provoking, while others may be simply ridiculous and just fun to answer. Explanation of the English phrase "would you mind (doing something)": "Would you mind ___ing?" Side question: what’s your favorite type of hat? After all, discussing the weather gets old fast. ___ turning down your radio? Do you want to magic up a new car or just be able to eat out of the refrigerator late at night? Whichever direction you head, you’re going to be stellar. Just because these questions are G-rated doesn’t mean they won’t make your heads spin. Big city or nature? 20 Would You Rather Questions I Asked My Girlfriend. Would you rather get sticky from food or from sand? after you. Good would you rather questions are one quite possibly the greatest developments of the 20th century. Here are 8 random would you rather questions: Singing in the mirror is funny but being caught spying on your crush is a little stalker-y. The possibilities that come with either are fun to think about. Here are 13 of the best clean would you rather questions: This is a nice surface-level that makes you think about which types of media you prefer and which you would be able to go without. A lot of these questions force you to choose between the lesser of two evils. ... I’ve had a lot of questions on my mind lately, and didn’t really know what to do with them. You could live without both, but at what cost? These questions stop and make you think, which is what I liked best about them. Would you rather questions. So let’s get personal. Would you rather have one annoying companion and never be able to hear the end of it? Where would you rather spend your time? To gamble or not to gamble, that is the question. It’s like would you rather eat spaghetti or maple syrup forever. But to be honest, they are just as bad as each other. But don’t worry, we have you covered. I interviewed at Mind (Stratford, London, England) in January 2019. This question helps you to learn about each other’s future plans and goals. Either way it’s a win-win. This question is a real test of character. Basically, the question here is: which one would you rather not feel? This question provides some insight into her dating preferences and requirements. Here are 12 of the best would you rather questions for couples: You can’t change the past, but you can revisit it. Both abilities are really helpful, but which one would you pick? with “I would” or “I would not”. Is her ideal day spent exploring the mountains or watching Netflix and eating takeout? These questions can get a little dark at times, so you may want to save them for someone you know well, or at least for someone who’s a good sport. But for others, it is just another random question. Or would you rather go and be able to wear both? Discuss whether drawn-on eyebrows are allowed. Is safety or adventure more important to her? I mean, both genres of music are great but the real question is, which one would you pick? Do you like to be the star or be in control? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery? These would you rather questions are great for making you think a bit more than your average would you rather question. 54 Best Indoor Date Ideas – This is the only list you’ll need. Who doesn’t want to be 3 foot tall, playing with toys all day? Would you rather be able to make a better past or a better future? Jasper is our expert conversationalist and wordsmith. These hard would you rather questions are the type to keep you up at night. Use these questions for couples to keep conversations fresh and interesting. At the same time, your answers aren’t always going to be the same. For some people, this is an actual thing. Here are 7 weird would you rather questions: This question will really make you think. If you’re ever bored at a party, ask your friends a few of these funny questions that make you … As deep as questions get, this one really bites the dust. These questions are pure fun and hilarity. You know, Ace Ventura style. Interview was very relaxed. These questions can shed some light into your partner’s feelings, or they can just be a fun way to pass the time on a road trip. A hundred ways to take this, but each one will lead to a great conversation. This question really shows you how much someone hates their nemesis. Mention some tasks or attributes in the new position that would be excellent learning experiences for you. Taking turns asking would you rather questions is a classic, timeless game that's not only surprisingly fun, but also versatile and usable in virtually any social situation. 68 Best Ice Breaker Games - Awesome activities for everyone. Here are 7 first date would you rather questions: This really is an impossible question but it is a great way to start off a conversation. Where would you prefer to be worshiped? The answer to this question is the bread to check the presence of the mind and not toast. Please no. We bring you over 100 awesome would you rather questions to get your conversation started. This question funny, but it also gets to the root of what’s more important — money or smarts. You can have everything, huh? This question shows whether the other person values physical or mental prowess more. I’ve put together a list of creative, fun, and occasionally thought provoking hypothetical questions for you to enjoy. Does true love? Use them to learn and grow as a person. You’re in the right place. Everyone has a weird side. When it comes to random questions, you won’t get one more random than this one. That’s why these questions are awesome — they’re naturally going to hit home for both of you. Answer: No, I don’t mind. They say it’s not about winning or losing, but how you play. Talk about a fashion emergency. And, no, you can’t shut them up. 58 Best Easter Trivia Questions And Answers - Learn awesome facts. Here is a downloadable and printable list of would you rather questions (right click the image and select Save Image As…): These questions will give you plenty of food for thought. We have tried to make a combination of fun, tough and dirty would u rather questions that will show you the true picture of how each of you think what is important in life. Good would you rather questions are one quite possibly the greatest developments of the 20th century. Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review - Is it the best? Would you mind watching my bag for a few minutes? Discuss which would lead to the overall betterment of humanity and society as a whole. He loves coming up with questions, jokes, and topics designed to create natural conversation. Don’t be afraid to get into good-natured arguments over the answers. See, where it’s going? This way, you’ll know where things are headed from the start. Would you rather be able to sit or stand for the rest of your life? Click here for “Hypothetical questions” en español. 2 senior members of staff from the partnerships department interviewed me. You can throw wind into the mix if you want to make it even tougher, but you can’t have everything. Both get old fast. Would you rather never be able to hold something or see something? Would you mind/Do you … Are you willing to skip every meal of any of these? Here are 6 would you rather questions to ask friends: As someone likes neither of these options, this question could be very difficult to answer. They are simple questions that I would normally overlook. Would you rather have aids or make love with the same gender? We often think of would you rather questions as silly conversation fillers that can insert a little extra fun into a flagging chat, but these hypotheticals can still be thought-provoking. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Would you rather lose everything you have or lose me? Make sure you’re in a good place in your relationship, otherwise the answers could go sour fast. How To Get A Girlfriend - 20 Simple steps to finally get the girl. Don’t forget that your sense of smell affects your sense of taste. Discuss the value of wealth versus knowledge. There are so many variables to consider when answering this question. Let them lead to more in-depth conversations. How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - 4 Great steps to help you figure out! Which movie made more impact on your life since you were kids? Ways of asking questions and making requests. Would you rather live like that or would you rather die right away? Answer: No, not at all. If you really want to get to know someone, you have to ask some hard questions. takes its base form (“mind”), and the verb in the conditional clause takes on the past subjunctive (“asked”). Do you prefer Spanish? Whether you’re trying to make one person laugh, getting to know a group better, or you just feel like tormenting someone with some of life’s most difficult conundrums, any thing you want to name, these would you rather games questions are sure to help you head the right direction. While this question is important, it’s also incredibly depressing. We may sometimes get confused by the subject. Looking for would you rather for kids? But beware, it may change your perception of the person. So where would you rather spend your life? Here are a few presences of mind questions to check the presence of levels of individuals in an interview. If you want to sound particularly polite, or if you think the answer may be negative, you can also use Would you mind + verb-ing as the preferred alternative to Could you…? So pay attention to these two sentences. Anyway, without further ado, let me just dive into the questions I asked my girlfriend. How much do you trust your friends, and when was the last time you cleaned your fridge? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Verbally or musically? Would you let greed take over? Hard would you rather questions are great to have on hand because: When you're looking for a few good questions to ask in a conversation, there's nothing better than the fail-safe 'would you rather. Is a life as a fly worth living at all? Choose. To make this question even weirder, why not follow up by asking what their superhero name would be? For the rest of your life, would you rather get sick from rides or burgers? To live like a King or live like a surfer. 2. Did you not see me? Both of these two will have you able to fly. You can choose both if clowning around every time sounds pretty sweet to you. They’re just fun questions that you can chat about pressure-free. Which would you do for the rest of your life? Interview. Sometimes it's better not to try and understand it but just throw your head back and laugh. questions are on rrrather. Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question can be very different. When would you rather rest? Either your hair or your sweat tastes good. Putting yourselves in these imaginary situations gets the imagination juices flowing. Expect lots of face-palming, cringing, and, and sighs of dissatisfaction. Yes, the smart child would be mean, and the kind child would be, well, not at the top of the class. Yes, your ghost would be present for the funeral. The burp would be a belch — no hiding it. They’re the questions you hope you never actually have to answer. Is the point of work the money or the fulfillment? Similar to the would you rather game, our. What do you put in a toaster? Either way, you have an idea for your next date. Play below by clicking on your choice, or use this list as a conversation starter.Compare your answer to … 2 females. How long could you get away with being the guy on the couch? This is a hilariously difficult and evil question. Here are 7 would you rather questions for couples: To be honest, the answer to this question could go either way. Would you rather die drowning or falling off a building? People always enjoy coming up with answers and reasons for their responses. Most questions have a built in escape option that allows someone to avoid hard decisions, … And, yes, you have to sleep in that bed every night. The trees were damaged in the storm. Would you rather give a hickey or have a hickey? That said, it never hurts to have some other types of questions ready to go. Of course there are some that you may find really difficult to answer. You must remember that while asking questions, you must give them time to be honest otherwise you may not get the correct answers. Well, it really depends, doesn’t it? Sometimes the most stressful part of a first date is knowing what first date questions to ask. Ask this question to find out which one they are. ( Log Out /  or "Would you mind if I didn't? High quality example sentences with “would you mind checking” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Which one is more intriguing? I have a cold, you see". Sometimes questions don’t have the right answers. ( Log Out /  Both have plenty to offer. And by hard questions, we mean interesting questions obviously. Feel free to substitute the other person’s least favorite artist/movie. Akshay Conversation Starter May 21, 2017 May 21, 2017 2 Minutes. Source: thewebgangsta. 79 Hard Would You Rather Questions – Fun, but impossible to answer. Other options include motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, and hitch-hiking. It’s definitely hard to make the choice. Discuss decorations, locations, and amenities. noted for how it understated its polite requests and instructions. Do you mind? You would rather be the early bird or the night owl. You can also discuss other senses too, like would you rather eat or would you rather smell? Your classic "Would you rather?" Two classic wishes. Here are the 14 best deep would you rather questions: A long life or a happy one? When you have been together with your partner for a long time, it is easy to talk about the same things over and over again. "Do you mind..." is a polite way of asking "Can you...." For this reason, it's usually acceptable to respond to the semantic intent of the question by answering "Yes (I can do that)", rather than responding to the grammatical form with "No (I don't mind)". This question helps you to understand if she’s more of a leisure or adventure person. Both options are terrifying but you have to pick one! Whether you’re shooting the breeze with a co-worker, babysitting your younger sibling, or trying to make the girl you’re dating think you’re a class act, these would you rather questions are sure to come in handy. Quizzes. Explanation of the English phrase "Do you mind if I ask (a question)": This is a way to carefully ask a question that you're worried might be rude, but that you want to know anyway. Answered straightforward questions related to the role with no follow up questions so it wasn't like they were trying to catch you out or anything. Would you ever donate blood? 30 Best 80s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers You Should Know. It all comes down to how much they love their favorite meal. This question will have you thinking every time. The question is, are you better at short-term high-pressure BS or the long con BS that it takes to fool everyone at the company. Which would you rather wear and you’ll be able to wear out in public? Britain ~ which produced the splendid 'Keep calm and carry on' slogan ~ is (or used to be!) What’s better, living in the Matrix blissfully unaware or unplugging? 50 Best Science Pick Up Lines – This is the only list you’ll need. The beauty of these questions/thought exercises is that they’re easy to use. Whatever on my mind. Either way you’re going to be an Olympic star. Yes, I'll open the window. You’ll never be able to stop having fun with this. Would you rather questions are so great because they make the people you're talking to make a choice. Get your head in the game, right? The game of Would You Rather has entertained people of all ages for generations. For anyone who has worked in a toxic workplace, this is the kind of question that puts everything into perspective. Jasper lives in Georgia with his new bride. Show activity on this post. This is another question that offers insight into each other’s long-term dreams. So pick a few and introduce them in the next flirty conversation. Lazing around the house all. with “I do” or “I do not” and. This is a great question if you are thinking about popping the question. Feel free to modify these to fit specific situations in your lives. Personally, I would wear a tutu every day. Would you rather have one or 9,000? And you can only shower once per day in the morning. Taking turns asking would you rather questions is a classic, timeless game that’s not only surprisingly fun, but also versatile and usable in virtually any social situation. Would you never be able to feel the other again? Just how important is the truth and nothing but the truth to them? And how would you find relief? So why not ask some random questions to find out just how weird they are? Think long-term for this one. Don’t give your opinion on this one — either way it’s not going to end well for you. If you’ve never played “would you rather” with your buds, you’re missing out. • So would you mind staying here in the surgery until he comes in? This question helps you to understand her view on popularity and social dynamics. This is a real brain scratcher, but everyone has their own answer. This question is likely to split your friends into separate camps so beware! I recommend answering. Would you mind If I used your phone now? So why not ask some of these weird questions to make a conversation wonderful? This one is funny, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to choose. For example, if you're visiting someone's nice apartment and you want to know if you could afford a similar one, you can ask: This is a really nice place. Bragging is annoying but complaining can become seriously grating. Perfect for when you’re hanging out in public areas, these clean would you rather questions are wholesome without sacrificing fun. No one will be ready for it. These questions can lead to lasting inside jokes. It can break the ice between two people or liven up a party. Would you rather go around dumping people? They both have their merits, but really, who doesn’t want their partner to be able to read their mind? Question: Do you mind if I sit here? Name it. Here are 10 flirty would you rather questions: Follow this up by immediately inviting them to a movie. Life’s like a movie. So much of our world is nonsensical. Are you more of a dinner party or slumber party kind of person? Is that true? Take it back to the days before grocery stores. Or would you rather lose your self-restraint, like the rest of the world can read minds? This may be an important question if you’re on a date. We may be dependant on our phones and computers, but I bet that a lot of people will choose their pet over their computer. And how would you fend off hungry animals? These deep would you rather questions do more than get a laugh, they’ll get your conversation partners thinking. 31 Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines – Spark interesting conversations. Here are 11 of the best would you rather questions for girls: Neither experience is fun. Is eating out more about the food or the environment? Then there are questions that are difficult to answer. These would you rather questions for couples should fit the bill. Either way you’re going to spend less time on the couch. The obvious answer is normally to fly, but it is amazing how many people would love to be able to swim without the need to hold their breath. Presence of Mind Questions and Answers: 1. These multipurpose would you rather conversation starters can be used to fill awkward silences at dinner, pass the time at work, or even to help a shy person open up a bit. Would you mind tests you on understatement and politeness. As for requests starting with the phrase "Do you mind"/"Would you mind", they may be used: 1.When you are asking for the permission to do something yourself – then it is followed either by "if" + "I do something" or (rarer) "my doing something". Which is worse? 31 Best Biology Pick Up Lines – Spark amazing conversations. While they still follow the fun “would you rather” formula, these deep questions to ask yield introspective answers. It gives both of you a chance to flex your creativity muscles and bounce scenarios off each other. These Would You Rather questions are good for adults and couples. On a date, these questions can fill awkward silences and spark romance; at the office, they can help you bond with coworkers; and when out with friends, they can create fun and engaging conversation.Armed with some thought-provoking "Would You Rather" questions, you can really get … Would you rather lose your makeup or lose your creativity with it? Which of the two would you rather live without? This question can lead to endless conversation about what you would do to either gain power or improve society. See Grammar Explanations: Would you mind Also See: Do You Mind Would vs Do You Mind Exercise Would Rather & Would Prefer Would you rather never find love or never land your dream job? Here are 7 interesting would you rather questions: Both of these can be debilitating, but really which one would you choose? Purple Hybrid Mattress Review – Is this worth it? It’s no secret that sometimes couples run out of things to talk about or things to do. Both prospects are both terrifying and thrilling in their own ways. Imagine a world without cheese. Plus, humor is one of the most powerful tools for bonding with someone. Would you rather walk in on your best friend naked or let your best friend walk in while you are naked. I’d rather not. Theological, creepy, and really crazy to think about either way.