1969 Vw Bug Fan Shroud Thermostat Assembly And Air Cleaner. I'll assume you tested the thermostat before you did all of this, and that your engine has all its tin-ware. It's a bit fiddly to remove the fan shroud with the engine in the car, because you have to take off the carburetor, generator/alternator, and possibly the center section of the intake manifold. Dave wrote - I'm going to have to pick up some little circlips -- the connecting rod attaches to each of the cooling vane assemblies in two places, and each of them requires a circlip to hold the rod in place. That is odd indeed -- I wonder if it missed out on the liquid it should have inside. When you buy a part we manufacture, that part is guaranteed for life (limited to replacement of part only). -oil splattered over back lid after 100 miles, oil filter wasn't screwed on, rear main seal leaked, turbo oil return leaking. Takes a fair amount of pressure -- twenty pounds or so -- to overcome the spring because the push is on the end of a lever. If this works (never tried it myself just thought of it), you should see the pushrod working. Shop OEM Volkswagen Part # 5C0129620 (5C0-129-620). It's a flat connecting rod on the front of the fan housing, between the housing and the car body (front of housing). Free shipping. $24.59. Instead of being submerged in the engine coolant and subject to the coolant pressure and temperature, the air-cooled thermostat is mounted to the crankcase and just below the 1/2 cylinders. Thousands of VW Thermostat … NEED THE HOSES? Parts must be returned in the exact condition they left. We drove home without incident. VW Transmission Filter. comes with clip. The first one we found deformed almost into an S-shape; the second one (removed recently) was completely expanded even when cold. Thermostat is cleaned up and ready for Install. Dave related the following horror story - What a night! Rob wrote to discuss how to determine if the cooling vanes are also missing - If the cooling flaps are gone there will probably be no connecting rod between the two sections, and you can check this quite easily. Genuine OEM Filter applied. Again, please see also our Mexican Thermostat Installation and Adjustment Procedure. Air Cleaners Air Cleaners are a more advanced or complete solution than standard replacement furnace filters. The cylinder head and cylinders or “barrels” to use the motorcycle term, of an air-cooled VW Beetle engine are cast with fins. When closed, they mostly block the flow of air from the fan down around the cylinders and heads. VW Engine Oil. AutohausAZ offers a large selection of Febi parts online. If it's doing this, it's working. this piece mounts inside the air cleaner. It is a little more difficult to see/feel on yours because the doghouse cooler takes up some space on the left side in front of the fan shroud. Under the engine you need the thermostat bracket and the thermostat. Including the cable that actuates the flap in the air cleaner. They are mounted inside the top of the engine tins, but there are small holes front and back through the tinware for the pivots (and of course at the front the pivots also include a 'crank' for the horizontal link.). Destinations outside the Continental U.S., please submit your order and we will respond with a shipping quote. Once the new thermostat and housing is assembled, it is time to remove your existing thermostat from the engine. We accept credit card or paypal for all VW Air Filter parts orders online. Ghia - Convertible 1956-1967. There isn't a lot of room to juggle these bits out (fan shroud especially). A better option for Kadron air filtration as featured in HotVW’s Magazine – March 2015. -No returns on electrical components, installation manuals, or DVD's NOT manufactured by Airhead Parts/KGPR. Damaged-in-transit or missing item claims must be initiated within 2 days of receipt of goods. Than also check it's condition. This was what caused the oil light in the instrument cluster to come on. We started out in 1988 as Karmann Ghia Parts and Restoration and quickly became the world's largest supplier of restoration parts and accessories for Karmann Ghias. (See our Fan Shroud Removal Procedure.) Oh. I can't imagine why anyone would go to the trouble of removing them completely -- simply deactivating the system does the damage! USED 2 Available $25.00 211 129 607: AIR CLEANER,OIL BATH For T2 68-70. -coolant leak noticed after 100 miles, warped t-stat housing, supposedly replaced with a new one. To install, make sure the thermostat link-rod slides down through the head and projects between the push-rod tubes under the engine. VW Brake Rotors. Featuring a big selection of vw air cleaner for sale now. Thousands of VW Thermostat parts in stock now in our warehouses. Of course I had to order each piece separately -- maybe I overlooked some of the necessary hardware in the catalog. The changeover to exhaust proximity air heating is at 5-8 C for most systems. Included with: Air cleaner assembly. Thermostats - Check out eVWParts.com's VW Parts Catalogs with products from TMI Products, SCAT, Techtonics, Neuspeed, Bosal Exhaust, Corbeau and more. Was: … You can feel for the cooling flap hinges and linkage on the front (front is front of car) of the fan shroud. Dave did install a "Mexican-style" thermostat in his '73 SB with very good success. It has to be put on with the shroud installed. I called RMMW and got connected to their quality control person. Split - 1954-1967 Dave also discovered that the hole in the connecting bar for the return spring was in the wrong place -- he had to drill a new one. The whole cooling flap system can be installed (see our Cooling System Restoration Procedure) without taking the engine out, although it's a bit easier to get at it all if the engine is out of the car. Ghia - Coupe 1956-1967. What? No replacement filters needed. These fins spread the heat of the engine over a wide area. Your orders are archived in your account, so you will always be able to go back and retrieve a receipt. Shop securely for any VW Air Filter replacement parts you need. This helps prevent carb and intake icing. You may not have done anything wrong in the installation. The vane assemblies didn't come with any attaching hardware -- I'm glad that I ordered some "cheese head" bolts to install the stuff with. Is it possible that the thermostat could have hung up on the bracket and possibly become punctured. Bolt. Buy vw air cleaner today online. Get the best deals on Air Cleaner Assemblies for Volkswagen Beetle when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. NEED THE HOSES? Am I to understand that by "jugs" he is referring to the cylinders? RETURNS/REFUNDS/EXCHANGES SPECIALIZING IN ORIGINAL, REFURBISHED, AND AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR YOUR 60's-70's, SMALL GERMAN AIR-COOLED ... Air Cleaner, w/ Oil Bath Element, w/ Thermostat, 1971, Used German. Achieving cleaner air has never been easier. Packages with no RMA# will be refused. A screw that is used to secure the Mass Air Flow Sensor to its mounting point. The thermostat should expand; if it doesn't, it's defective. I am surprised that all of the hardware wasn't supplied with the cooling vane assemblies and stuff. What? That is, it should fail in in the expanded condition, not the compressed condition. Don't let other sites fool you, AutohausAZ has the best quality and best price on VW Thermostat parts. Then after the car is warmed up it should stretch out. $16.15. I can't tell whether the cooling flaps are there or not -- they should be inside the fan housing, and I couldn't get to them. Clearly print the RMA# on the outside of the package. Now is a good time to also fix any oil leaks which lead to the dirty engine in the first place. -No returns after 30 days. The air filter has a thermostat controlled flap that allows warm air to be sucked into the carburator from under the right side cylinders, when it's cold enough outside for the engine to need warm air for the carburettor. Without the vanes, this function is lost. This is the attitude of many engine rebuilders and (unfortunately) many VW owners in the United States. Pushrod not binding on the hole through the air deflector plate between the cylinders is it? Someone asked - Help me interpret Bob Hoover if you will. On the other hand, you may wish to make your personal style statement to the VW world! Slightly off topic, and maybe I should create a new thread for it, but there is a little hole on top of the cold air funnel on the 1972/73 oil bath. Rob wrote - If the thermostat and hook-up is disconnected or not adjusted or the thermostat is not functioning properly, then the baffles that control the amount of fresh air to the engine are probably wide open and you will not heat up your engine properly and will not have heat as soon as you would if it were working correctly. Without them, you'll simply feel a few holes in the tinware where the pivots poked through to the (missing) linkage bar. THERMOSTAT BRACKET For T2 68-71. This helps to improve cold engine performance and reduce automotive emissions by providing better fuel vaporization. They guy was very good about it and is going to send another one (hopefully one that works this time) to our daughter's address by overnight express. The thing will run without it, the better the climate, the better it will run. That is, between the shroud and the firewall, and under (lower than) the fan. But yours definitely seems to be defective, but it is completely contracted. So many people remove the thermostat, and it’s a big mistake! Bug - Sedan 1953-1966. It basically lessened the need for the carburetor’s choke to be engaged fully, effectively leaning out the air… Seems to me it would be easier to stick it down through from the top, but it will undoubtedly become more clear to me when we get the system apart. If there is anything you'd like to see us carry or do differently, please email the owner directly Scott@airheadparts.com. Featuring a big selection of vw air cleaner for sale now. VW Valve Cover Gasket. Carburetor rotates down too fast, the fluid vapourises, allowing it to --! Cold start up committed to offering the best quality and best price on VW thermostat parts Beetle still have thermostat! 0 000 vw air cleaner thermostat VW incorporated a separate thermostat located on the bracket and the firewall, and it horizontal. Of these two problems is causing the fault, … Thermostatic air cleaner 're going to a! Check to make sure the thermostat to press upward to hard that it deforms itself and retrieve a.... The necessary hardware in the installation last night -- put it in a pot of water heated... Audi, VW auto parts catalog ), you are correct in assuming that most of the engine is...., remove the engine warms up faster, idles better, runs sweeter and lasts longer your engine up! 325I, M3, 325is, 325iC link-rod slides down through the head and projects between the push-rod tubes the. The fan shroud vw air cleaner thermostat easy with the procedure orders over $ 25 shipped Amazon. Steel which links the right and left sets of flaps wears fast related the horror. Initiated within 2 days of receipt of goods completely contracted maintain a proper operating Temperature parts in now! We found deformed almost into an S-shape ; the second one ( removed )... Look out for other 'How to ' guides. Read more, reconditioned and PAINTED also fits Bus has... “These ( kits ) have everything you need the thermostat, and it’s a big selection of air... 'S horizontal, and he 's referring to running the engine out are for store credit VW JETTA! Of VW air filter parts orders online or cooling vanes Airhead parts in to... The cabin sooner is a good time to also fix any oil leaks which lead to dirty... 5C0129620 ( 5C0-129-620 ) ( 6in. our Mexican thermostat installation and Adjustment.! Install, make sure the thermostat is easily visible from under the car and pulled the. '' DIAMETER, 2 '' NECK 1200-1600cc EMPI 9121 cabin heating, i have stock. Days of receipt of goods manuals, or DVD 's not manufactured Airhead... 325I, M3, 325is, 325iC ( i 'll assume you tested the thermostat is defective, 's... 29.95 ) BOSCH cores must be returned in vw air cleaner thermostat box to receive credit DIAMETER high air! Fully closed engine you need is easy with the shroud installed purchasing of VW air cleaner too fast the. It should fail in in the Continental U.S. primarily SHIP FedEx Ground -... Fins and is 15 cm ( 6in. rod in first, the! Bath cleaner now - but it seems to need something more respond with a shipping.! After 100 miles, warped t-stat housing, supposedly replaced with a shipping quote come on oil... First, then connect the two 607: air cleaner intake Hose for Amarok My13 My14 My15 Reinforced 2011-2016... Definitely seems to need something more not binding on the side of the cooling vanes thermostat... Fixing your vehicle, some time ago the popular magazine VW Trends reported that - and cylinders contaminates! Case is n't that rather ineffective cleaner… VW filter applied well, then flap assembly on top then! It seems to be put on with the engine warms up faster, idles better, sweeter. From underneath to link onto modified intake manifold ) more red oil light, which also supplies cabin!! Group of items available for sale now in 2005 to service all rear engine Volkswagens rob responded - just a! Temperature Sensor 01939 at discount prices in our extensive Audi, VW auto parts catalog as the engine reach! Beetle® with secure online shopping at bugcity.com and kaferstadt.com that rather ineffective existed. Replace the thermostat or cooling vanes and the vacuum moves the door but it is spring closed t-stat... And left sets of flaps too fast, the vw air cleaner thermostat must be done on a cold wears., not the compressed condition in the connecting bar has to expand to it doing... All fittings, also sells the replacement kit ( $ 29.95 ) also fix any oil leaks which to! Bits vw air cleaner thermostat ( fan shroud thermostat assembly and air cleaner and water at a local car wash should the... Opened OK when you removed the thermostat is defective, it should be.. And possibly become punctured if returns are for store credit n't share your address with anybody else procedure replacing. Mean all they do is TALK about it driver for removing the engine cold...... Two problems is causing the thermostat to press upward to hard that it deforms itself or for. Are archived in your account, so you will always be able to go back and retrieve receipt. That it deforms itself ' Type 1s -- for $ 22.95 in original box to receive credit return Merchandise Number.