Civil War relics will be on display Saturday and Sunday at the Crossroads Arena Convention Center in Corinth. The Col. W.P. Since the Siege of Corinth, in the spring, Union forces had erected various fortifications, an inner and intermediate line, to protect Corinth, an important transportation center. Plez Bagby at Virginia Civil War Relics, in Charlottesville, Virginia, has a great selection of relics, most recovered in the Old Dominion. Cwartifax. - Duration: 9:34. SOLD Early Civil War Alabama Cavalry Coat of Henry Bascom Boddie. Savage revolver projectile. This display of excavated Civil War relics were all recovered from Corinth, Mississippi. Individuals not big businesses use Shiloh Relics to buy and sell C S Relics. SMITH/ Brooklyn-There Is A Small Dent In The Bottom Of The Plate-Recovered East Of Richmond: $350.00. CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI—The Northeast corner of Mississippi holds a special destination with a past carved by Civil War stories and a futured shaped by the relics of yesteryear. Stones River Trading Co. Hi there and welcome to Civil War Shot and Shell Relics. I buy Civil War Confederate and UCV Relics, 1 Piece or Whole Collections. Relic Hunt . I offer a wide selection of Civil War Artifacts. Civil War Relics Show Saturday, Sunday in Corinth By Josh Mitchell on March 11, 2016 By Josh Mitchell Corinth Today News Editor Civil War relics will be on display Saturday and Sunday at the Crossroads Arena Convention Center in Corinth. This is one of the Rarest & Best Identified Civil War Historical Relics grouping that i have ever seen before in my 26 years of collecting. A keen observer of all things Civil War related, Mr. Russell often mentioned in his column the wartime relics he spotted as he wandered about town on foot. We are always a work in progress. So please take your time and view my online store. Thi.. $12,500.00 Early Civil War Alabama Cavalry Coat. The Crossroads Arena will be the place to be this weekend for Civil War and history enthusiasts of all ages. Home: 804-598-6991 ~ Cell: 804-382-2598. Ran Hundley has many civil war relics, collector cases, wooden collector cases & a good selection of metal detectors. for the pair. It is a very doable thing to locate the missing top portion for each of the bullets and have two very rare and expensive Civil War projectiles.--$95. Whether you prefer to sit back, relax and watch a theatre production or explore historic battlefields on foot, there are plenty of things to do in Corinth, MS. North Mississippi Relics. Virginia Relics The Historical Shop. CORINTH - Civil War enthusiasts like Tim Prince and Dale Fortenberry know children are the future. Included in the display is a flattened sheet brass infantry hunting horn hat insignia, a brass bayonet scabbard tip, two brass general service eagle coat buttons, seven mostly fired lead bullets including both Confederate and Federal, an iron spur strap buckle and a brass knapsack hook. Richmond Civil War Relics. If I can be of any assistance please let me know. Rogers Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans will host the 11th Annual Corinth Civil War Relic Show and Sale this Saturday and Sunday at the arena, bringing together vendors and experts from around the country offering a wide variety of Civil War relics and more. Sgt Riker Civil War Here's a website you will want to take a look at. $125.00 . Jim Stanley & Associates. Your Call Will Be Returned. Sgt Riker Civil War. Army of Tennessee Relics. If you have a Civil War relic or a collection of Civil War relics that you would like to … March 6th & 7th, 2010 The Tri-State Coin & Relic Hunters Club Contributes to … Civil war relic hunting Richmond Virginia Bullets and Buttons! I am a dealer in Civil War relics. PB88 Jan 18, 2016 - A very nice condition, excavated, drop, .36 cal. WAR RELICS FROM THE CIVIL WAR TO THE COLD WAR Richard J. Williams in Queensbury, New York, has early relics from the Civil War, all the way up thru the Cold War. MS 5. Dixie Relics. The show was another huge success with all the tables being sold and a 15% in paid attendance.. Camp Site Artifacts . Iron Brigade Relics. C.S. 11. War Torn Relics. Selling civil war Buttons, Civil Guns, Civil war buckles, Civil War Bullets, and Civl War Currency We offer a wide variety of dug and non-dug items from the war between the states. Civil War Federal1861 - 1865. A lover of the path less traveled, Russell often found reminders of the war in out of the way places, such as one of the caves Vicksburgers carved into the soft, loamy earth to shelter from the Federal bombardment during the siege of the city: